Male contraception

Although the ability for men to grant birth may never be physiologically possible, technology for your male contraceptive using injection, the same as that relating to the female anovulatory drug, is under way. Scientists explain that through the balanced blending from the testosterone hormone and progestin, it could be possible to disconnect communication involving the brain as well as testes.

Profoundly, experimentation while using the developing male birth prevention injection continues to be tested on men in the us plus China. The Chinese men showed very successful results in pregnancy prevention when using the injection, whereas American men failed to fully respond to the identical effectiveness that men from China experienced. Sperm production inside the Americans did be significantly decreased, although not on the drastic levels which the Chinese men achieved. Scientists speculate until this are closely related to genetic differences.

Continuing development of male birth control is moving along, slowly. Scientists believe that it really is far more challenging create an effective male contraception method much like the female birth control because men produce near to 1000 sperm each second, compared to the only egg every month that girls produce.

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