Psychological impotence causes

Psychological factors comprise about 10% of erection problems and lots of times derive from nervousness, performance anxiety or nervous about failure while lovemaking. These factors manifest physically by using a rush of adrenaline, which reduces the flow of blood on the penile area, contributing to erectile difficulty. Psychological ED develop into self-perpetuating. After multiple episodes of failure, one’s body becomes attuned to releasing adrenaline simply thinking of any sexual encounter. This can change into a vicious circle extremely hard to end without treatment.

Other less common causes include low sexual drive, anxiety, guilt, depression, or sexual boredom.

Psychological male impotence characteristics add some following:

Maintaining or achieving a hardon with one partner but is not with another
Maintaining lasting and strong erections in the mornings and during masturbation but not while lovemaking.
Propensity to affect younger men with unsettling past experiences or relationships that are not stable.

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