Sexual insecurity

Independent paid survey company OnePoll recently questioned 2,000 men between your ages of 16 and 65 about their place in society.  One half of the respondents claimed being unsatisfied because of their position in society and their personal performance.

Former GP and trustee on the Erectile dysfunction Association, Dr John Tomlinson, declared that an ‘enormous’ volume of 18- to 40-year-olds were thinking about sexual difficulties.  He continued to suggest that advertisements including well-toned, physically flawless celebrities elicit a harmful self-image that face men.

Only 11% of 40-year-old men said their confidence is higher now than if they were a teenager.  One out of three of the people men said every time they visit meet women they consume alcohol to increase their confidence.

One in four respondents claimed inadequacy inside bedroom on account of Series like “Sex as well as the City” where ideal the male is people with immense stamina including a perfect build.

“Males are more inclined than women to obtain fragile self-esteem, since they judge their status in society through success in an sphere, like their career, the length of their pay packet or perhaps the style of their car,” said British Psychologist, David Sharpley. Also, because men on the whole usually do not spend considerable time in introspection or communicating their concerns, they often times let medical issues go untreated.

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