Adult Circumcision Not Related to Impotence

Male circumcision is widely known to reduce the potential risk of contracting HIV, reduce  instances of urinary tract infections and also prevent penile cancer and most children are circumcised at birth.  However,  males undergoing the entire process of circumcision in adulthood often wonder the way will affect them as adults.

A current article in Medical News Today notes a November article inside the Journal of Sexual Medicine that found man circumcision to own no affect on heightened sexual performance.  A report of 2,684 Kenyan men triggered  99 % that face men content with their circumcision, and also the majority of men reported both greater penile sensitivity, and easier by using condoms.”

The analysis also noted higher rates of sexual satisfaction over time.

“This topic is highly controversial.”  said Goldstein, M.D.,  Editor-in-Chief with the Journal of Sexual Medicine. “I am thrilled to manage to publish irrefutable evidence that circumcision does not have pessimistic effects regarding sexual health; rather it is quite contrary.”

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