Sudden Blackout A Possible Side-Effect of ED Drugs

Revisions to Erectile Dysfunction drug labels have recently been licensed by the Fda standards (FDA) to feature sudden blackout as a complication in users. Label changes are manufactured necessary when multiple users have reported precisely the same symptoms after using the drug.

The condition, “transient global amnesia,” is temporary forgetfulness commonly affecting neurological conditions attributable to head injury or epilepsy.

The International Journal of Impotence Research recently published a tale of any 46-year-old man who had previously been “dropped at the emergency room while he had couldn’t remember any events since getting out of bed each morning or even the night before, including sex after taking a popular erectile dysfunction drug. His memory gradually improved and tests for cardiovascular and brain problems made a comeback normal.” The German neurologists who wrote situation said there had been 35 reports of amnesia in ED drug users between 1998 and 2001.

A few other unwanted side effects of Impotence problems drugs include: drop by high blood pressure or decrease in vision and hearing capacity.

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