Circumcision May Reduce Some Risk of Contracting HIV

As being the debate within the advantages of circumcision continues, several studies are suggesting a further plus that provide the treatment: it apparently reduces your risk of contracting HIV during penile-vaginal sex.

An Australian study shows that the inner foreskin provides the largest concentration of what’s called Langerhans’ cells – the marked cells for HIV infection. Other areas in the foreskin have a very significantly lower degree of those cells

The foreskin can also you have to be subject to suffering small tears during intercourse, supplying the virus more points of entry.

By treatment of inner foreskin, you take away the surface of the skin which is most at risk of HIV infection. This doesn’t eliminate your risk of contracting it, but it surely does lower your risk.

While doing so, the American Urological Association highlights reports that demonstrate circumcision doesn’t impact sexual function or pleasure.

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