Vasectomy: A highly effective Solution, Not an ED risk

When it comes to pregnancy prevention, few things are more efficient than a vasectomy. A vasectomy is often a minor medical operation where the vas deferens are snipped and tied off, therefore preventing sperm to blend right man’s semen.

While using recent economical hardships, how many men undergoing vasectomy procedures has significantly increased. In correlation towards the surge in procedure recipients, a higher presence of online questioning has risen: can receiving a vasectomy cause impotence?

The answer is no. Although the query for concern is understandable and seemingly logical, vasectomy procedures don’t have a relation to erections. Any problems designed for erections are most likely psychological, according to leading doctors in mens’ health. In truth, studies have shown that whenever a vasectomy, quite a few men be relaxed and stimulated during sex, since they will be less related to pregnancy risk.

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