Depression’s Connection to Sexual Function

Should you’re clinically depressed, you might also find you’re having difficulty which includes a low sexual drive, inability to orgasm or erection problems. It’s not your imagination – difficulties with sexual function and depression in many cases are linked.

It’s chemical, doctors believe. Concupiscence begins within the brain and triggers increased the flow of blood to sex organs. The problem comes when the chemicals in the brain are imbalanced, like depression.

To complicate matters, antidepressants could also have adverse reactions that deplete sexual function.

The physicians at Medical Group are experts in untangling the connection involving the depression medication your sexual function. You may need to switch the signal from another antidepressant, where there are usually other medications you’ll be able to take with you with the antidepressant that can help improve sexual function.

Your physician will let you manage the sexual uncomfortable side effects of your respective antidepressants.

The bottom line is to speak with your medical professional honestly and openly about your position, so you’re able to obtain the most beneficial, successful technique for getting healthy and enhancing sexual function.

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